The Best In Class

Our focus has always been long term association and we are proud to proclaim that we have never lost a client. Our long standing business relations with all our clients is our biggest achievement and strength. And this is built on two cornerstones – transparency and customer delight. As we have grown in this industry, this principle has only been reconfirmed day in and day out.

Also we have moved ahead from the term ‘customer satisfaction’. We strive for customer delight now, with focus on packaging something extra in each of our orders – may be in terms of pre-date delivery, superior packaging, one notch higher quality and so on.



Weaving Unit

We have our own production of Griege fabrics up to 72” width as per requirement in Maharashtra itself, while our other requirements are fulfilled by verified weavers across the nation. In house modern weaving machines give us the desired quality fabrics. Best in class yarn is used in manufacturing the fabrics as that is the stepping stone for any finished fabric we see in the market


Product Inspection

We work hard to give our customers the best quality fabric, we do this inspection as per four point checking system which gives us good quality fabric and to pass through this checking system we take care of the whole weaving process right from the raw materials i.e. yarn to sizing , weaving and last stage of fabric  inspection. We assure that fabrics which made by us are per the quality standards.


Packaging Unit

In today’s world, final packaging is as important as the product itself. And to provide with best quality to our clients, we have our in house packaging unit. It employs qualified people to roll out the desired packages, day in and day out.

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